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Steamed Cabbage stuffed with pure leak ‘risotto’ served with a leak velouté sauce

For 2 persons

Prep time 45 min

Ingredients :

2 large cabbage leaves per serving

12 baby leaks

1 Tbs olive oil

1 cup rich Vegetable broth (blog post 3)

1/2 cup dry white wine

3 Tbs cream fraiche


2 Tbs fresh thyme sprigs

2 tsp fleure de sel

4 turns of a 3 peppercorn mix from pepper mill


Sautee the sliced leaks in the olive oil searing to a golden brown (on slicing the leaks - I use the white tops and about 2 inches down of light green part).

Deglaze this with equal parts of white wine, vegetable broth and the thyme and let simmer for 30 minute.

there is no rice involved in this pure leak ‘risotto’ as it’s just leaks - but the method is the same - adding splashes of the liquid to deglaze and allow to reduce. This will create a creamy and rich leak ‘risotto.’

Steam your cabbage leaves in a steamer for 20 minute.

When the leak liquid is completely evaporated add a splash more of vegetable broth and 2 Tbs of cream fraîche - mix together well and scrape the bottom of the pan to incorporate all the browned bits. Add the salt and pepper

Take half of the leak mixture away to use as the cabbage stuffing. Puree the rest of the leak mixture adding a bit more vegetable broth and or cream fraîche in order to create a soup or velouté consistency - reheat to serve as tte sauce over top of the cabbage.

Once the cabbage is steamed lay 2 large leaves on a plate and then spoon a few tablespoons of the leak ‘risotto’ inside. Fold the leaves over the top and tie like a package with a green leak bottom to make a cute presentation. Top with the hot leak velouté sauce and toasted pine nuts.

Bon Appétit!

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