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Private Dinners

In addition to offering our weekday cooking classes at La Cuisine Provençale, we are now also offering private catering and cooking classes off site for clients in private rental homes. 


Our concept is a bit different from that of just a private catering service.  We offer what we are calling, ‘Diner à la Française.’  Which consists of a multi-course gastronomic meal, beginning with a traditional French apéro, including wine pairings, an ‘affinier’ cheese board, dessert and after dinner cordial -‘digestif.’


Every aspect of the meal will be planned out together in advance, with clients choosing the menu options and wines.  


As your congenial hosts we will bring in beautiful table linens, table garnishing, and fresh flowers - to create an authentic and sumptuous French home dining experience.  


During the dinner we encourage anyone who’s interested to join us in the kitchen to see what’s cooking and learn some chef tips.  Enjoy a traditional French apéro together, with wine tasting and explanations, followed by table service. 


We are excited to create an authentic French dining experience for clients, with fabulous food, presentation and service, where we will also share our knowledge, the history of the food, the recipes, and some famous French wines.  All with the aim of creating a truly special and charming private French dining experience. 


We look forward to hosting your clients in Provence this year, 


Jane & Christophe

Owners & Executive Chefs 

La Cuisine Provençale 

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