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Jane Satow is a delightful and well travelled American who has been living in France since 2004. 

Living in France was a dream come true. Provence is like no other place on earth for food - France has a very special food heritage and traditions which makes its cuisine not only interesting but exceptional in quality.  I attribute this to the French people’s love of good food, a strong passion and respect for tradition, and insistence on top quality, farm raised, in season products.  It’s not just that they have amazing ingredients, over 365 cheeses and good wine everywhere, it’s something that is an integral part of French people’s lives - enjoying good food around the table together, traditional regional recipes and most especially good conversation!  It’s not a surprise that the French Gastronomic Meal was designated by UNESCO world Heritage an intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010. 


I began my foodie career many years ago, a passionate home cook, who worked in fine dining throughout college, and later in marketing for Alfalfa’s Market in Boulder, CO, and finally as a French bistro manager, before moving to France.  I’ve always been drawn to working with food, taking many wine and cooking classes over the years.  

I spent years travelling around the world wine tasting everywhere we went, and 5 years living in Chile SA. 

In Chile I learned to bake bread, made amazing pizzas and spent much of the time cooking and testing recipes. We lived on a large hacienda in the countryside with a fruit orchard and organic vegetable garden.  

It was far from any Michelin star restaurant let alone pizza deliveries! It was lovely there but I missed gourmet ingredients and especially french cheeses. 


Once in France I developed my business leading cultural and foodie tours in Provence.  You cannot really introduce people to this culture without talking about food & wine, nor the history - it’s all intertwined.  One of my favorite things is to share is what I call the Food lore  -  the folklore behind traditional French recipes, many of which have been handed down through families for centuries. 


Since living in France for years, leading tours, and teaching cooking classes, often with local chefs, I have developed a huge repertoire of traditional French recipes.  Specializing in refined Provençal cuisine.  I love how there are so many vegetables and olive oil as a base in Provencal cooking.  


I have a special passion for French cheeses and each French region has cheese specialties and recipes.  ‘I could never live anywhere else but in France, I’m in love with her cheeses.´


Foodie Adventures: 


Join Jane on one of her foodie adventures to learn about and taste the bounty of Provence! 


visit to some of the most popular and charming local markets, farms and or winery’s, for an informative tasting tour.  


Or schedule a cooking class which are held in Janes authentic French kitchen, located in the historic center of St Remy de Provence hosted by Jane and her charming French companion Christophe. 


Other options include :


Market tasting tour with picnic lunch or join us for lunch at home with Les Amies Français. 


Join our informative market tasting tour where we will learn about and taste regional specialities, French cheeses, cured meats and olives, including an olive oil tasting at a local mill, wine tasting, visit our local chocolatier, confectioner-biscuit and exquisite fruit confit shop.  


Provençal cooking class with Jane This class is 5 hours and includes market visit, cooking class, instruction and preparation of a traditional Provençal four course meal including wine, a cheese course and dessert.  


Dinner with The French - dinner party with Jane and her partner Christophe at la Cuisine, plus other French guests. This is fun.  Getting to know local French people, enjoy an authentic French meal, wonderful wine and good company.


Private off site catered meals, wine and cheese tastings.  

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