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Cooking Classes
in Saint Rémy de Provence


Welcome to
La Cuisine Provençale

"Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai qui tu es."

"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are."​ - French Proverb  

La Cuisine Provencale is an authentic French kitchen in my home in the historic center of Saint Remy de Provence, where we come together to explore & create through traditional French regional recipes and enjoy beautiful meals together.


Enjoying a meal together with friends and family is a revered ritual in France. Recipes handed down through families for generations make up a very important part of the culture, where an enormous sense of pride is associated with being a good cook.  Appreciating good food and wine around the table together, conversation and each other's company, is often the way we pass the time on a Sunday afternoon, finishing with a lovely sieste under the shade of a plane tree in the garden. I have always been thrilled and honored to be a guest at the table of French friend's homes, many of whom are fabulous cooks, feeling spoiled by amazing meals lasting for hours with wines to match.

Enjoy a cooking class or a private dinner with Jane and Christophe, her charming French companion, as your hosts, or experience a gastronomic cooking class with a professional chef in this quaint private kitchen.  

We are just a short walk from the beautiful outdoor market in the historic center of St Remy de Provence, where we shop for wonderfully fresh ingredients.  

Begin the day with a morning market tour and cooking class, or finish it with a gastronomic dinner after a historic evening stroll in the center of the old town.   Experience dinner with 'Les Francais,' (French friends) or a wine & cheese tasting with a Sommelier.  


Clients can request specific dishes, themes, and create their own menu with the chefs. The kitchen can also be rented for a private dinner.



“Thank you so much for everything you did to make our holiday so enjoyable! It was such a pleasure meeting you and i an definitely going to be recommending you to all my friends who come to Provence! We will have so many great memories thanks to all your hard work!”

Rosalind - July 2017

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