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LOVE is always the most important ingredient..

Updated: May 19, 2022

A recipe by one of my favorite chefs and dear friend Séverine Sagnet. From Valentines day 2021.

Because that’s really what matters in life,

It’s what feeds the soul, inspires us to create beautiful things! And in cooking this is so true - making something with our whole heart and love is key.

Making beautiful food for the ones I love has always been my way of sharing and caring for them. It’s my art and my happiness. It’s important to have a creative outlet, and it’s so satisfying when others can take pleasure in your creations. I feel really lucky to have this passion in my life and be able to share it with others..

It was Valentine’s Day yesterday and although many people, especially French men tend to think it’s commercial bunk, mine in particular says that love should be celebrated every day so there should be no need for a special day for that! Indeed it should be! But for the hopeless romantics, like me, Valentine’s Day is important! Yes it’s corney and commercial, but I love the idea of a special day to celebrate love!

In the US children grow up

making paper Valentine’s cards for their friends and family and not necessarily your boyfriends.. they don’t do this in France. ‘St Valentin’ day is exclusively for those in love - Les amoureux. And certainly commercial or not lots of people do celebrate it in France all the same.

This year unfortunately in France all of the restaurants are closed due to tye Covid Lockdown, so having a romantic dinner out wasn’t an option.. but staying in and cooking something special for your lover is definitely what many French couples were doing.

Hère is some inspiration. This recipe by Severine Sagnet for creamy mushroom soup with perfect egg à la truffe - heaven with some oysters and champagne! Sophisticated and delicious and who knew that truffles were an aphrodisiac!

✨Aphrodisiac love potion

💫 Perfecto egg with mushroom cream and fresh truffles 💫

Very easy to make and magic for Valentine night ! Do you know truffe is aphrodisiac ? This is THE Best recipe for that particular quarantine Valentine night ! Restaurant is over (what is a restaurant already ?) So for sure you have to cook and this is so romantic to cook for your loved one ! For sure this love potion is the Best option !

Here is the recipe :

💫 For the perfecto egg :

✨Take 2 organic eggs from farm and cook them at the steamer for 1 hour at 63 degres Celsius or 145 Fahrenheit.

The white will be perfectly done and the yolk just creamy. A perfect texture to die for...

You put the egg in the steamer like this with the shell... And you prepare the mushrooms soup and the tartines (toast) during that time.

💫 For the mushrooms soup :

✨ 1/2 oignon

✨ garlic Cloves

✨3 hands of mushrooms organics and locals

✨a little almond cream

✨ sea salt from Camargue, long peper from Java, truflle oil and fresh Black truffles.

💫 Clean and chop mushrooms and fry them with the chopped oignon and garlic. Fry everything until gold. Add a little salt and add water at the level of the mushrooms. Let cook 5 minutes, add the cream and blend until having a smooth consistance. Check the seasonning and add sea salt, Java peper and truffle oil.

💫 Make the tartines à la truffe- truffle toasts :

✨ Take a good sour dough organic bread and make some long slices in the length side. Toast them with olive oil thym and garlic. Spread out with butter and fresh truffle. Add sea salt and truffle oil on top.

💕💫💕 To serve :

Break the egg warm in a little tea cup, same as if you break an egg for an omlet ! Then verse slowly the mushrooms soup on top of the egg. Garnish with fresh truflles, shaved with a mandoline, truffle oil and Camargue fleur de sel. Serve with the Tartine à la truffe.

💫 Enjoy your aphrodisiac love potion my stars 💫

From ❤️ to ❤️

Séverine Sagnet

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