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Perfect Provençale Rack of Lamb

This is a classic and traditional Provençale recipe, so delicious and simple. Although the tricky part is getting the temperature right, la cuisson!

With rack of lamb you cannot really use the 20 min per pound rule for roasting meets because half your weight is in bones. The actual weight of the meat inside the rack is a mystery, and requires a bit of guessing, a few prayers and practice practice practice - saying that you don’t want to ruin a beautiful rack of lamb practicing! First rule is to - know your oven! Second - be present! Third, be confident - You can do this!

- start by heating your oven to 425 f or 220c Let the rack of lamb sit out at room temperature for at least 20 minutes so that the meat is no longer cold. This helps the meat relax and it will be more tender after cooking. Coat the meet in olive oil then dried herbs de Provence

(thyme, rosemary, marjoram, summer savory, oregan) Kosher salt and pepper to your taste. When the oven is to temperature place the rack in a shallow baking dish the center of the oven on the middle rack. Wait just until you begin to smell the lamb - about 4 - 5 minutes (depending on the size). A 6 portion rack of L would be 4,5 minutes, double that or 12 portions ( 2 x 6 portion racks) in at the same time would be 6 minutes. I hope this makes sense if not lmk.. or you’ll just need to come to a class:)

In addition to smelling the meat it should be slightly browned. Turn the oven down at this point to 350f or 180c. Leave to cook for another 5-10 minutes applying the same rule as above depending on the the size of your rack. For a small rack of 6-8 portions ( allow 1 or 2 per person) your total cooking time for rare is approx 10 minute. For x 2 rack of lamb that same size it´s 13 minutes. If you want your meet medium rare you add 1 - 2 minutes. Remember the meat needs to rest peacefully without cutting into it for another 10-15 minutes outside of the oven as it actually continues to cook. The finger test - It should be slightly pink or with a bit of red juices showing but light brown on the outside meaty center and springy to the touch - these end port will inevitably be slight more cooked than the center portions.

We have been serving this with a sauce made of the pan juices and veal stock reduction or it goes nicely with a red wine cherry sauce or with the tomatoes Provençale snd no sauce at all is delightful as well..

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