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Poulet Basquaise

This is really an amazing dish to make if you’ve got lots of sweet vine ripened tomatoes from your garden. The paiement d’Espelette is key, as it adds just the right amount of Spicey kick.

One whole cut up free range chicken

Remember to let your protein come to room temp before cooking for an hour or so. This relaxes the meat and allows for more even cooking.

6-8 whole juicy over ripe summer tomatoes boiled to remove stem and skin

3 whole red peppers cut into slivers

2 med onions cut into slivers

3 cloves garlic whole

1/4 c red wine vinegar

médium to generous sprinkle on chicken of Kosher salt

Quite a few sprigs of Fresh Thyme

Cracked black pepper

2 bay leaves

2 plus teaspoons of Piment de l’espelette

(See article on this wonderful product)

A handful of black olives

Start by sprinkling the salt, pepper and paiement d’espelette on thé raw chicken pieces. Heat a bit of sunflower oil in a large Dutch oven, sautéed one of the cut up onions until light brown . Add the chicken pieces in batches as not to overcrowd - browning on 2 sides.

Once you’ve got all the chicken browned add the pre boiled and pealed tomatoes and red wine vinegar to deglaze and herbs, simmer on low for 30 minutes. Meanwhile sautée the red peppers and onion - browning nicely. Remove the chicken and set aside so that it doesn’t overcook. Add the sautéed red peppers, onion, and olives. simmer this on low for another 30 plus minutes.

Add back the chicken pieces and any juices into the pot just to slightly re heat.

Serve this with a nice whole grain rice and a sprinkle more of piment d’Espelette on top of each portion - this way you can really taste it!

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