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The Camargue

The Camargue area begins 25k south of Arles, a vast wetland preserve and regional parkland, punctuated by large estuaries, and bordered by the Mediterranean coastline with long strips of desolate white sandy beaches.  The Rhone river runs down through the Northside of the park and spills out into the Mediterranean Sea here.  With water on all sides, the alps not far away and acres of wetland this area is a paradise for birds and is especially interesting to bird enthusiasts.  The Camargue is not only home to many bird species year-round but also many migratory birds spend their spring and summer here, coming from as far away as South Africa – most notably the European Roller – a gorgeous indigo blue and orange bird which is often spotted here during the Spring and Summer months. There is an impressive ornithological park in the Camargue, where many species of birds can be observed in their natural habitat,  -like wild Flamingos, which are native to the Camargue area.

The Camargue is also home to many large ranches, with black bulls and white horses, native to the area.  Many of them offer horseback riding to guests, where one can enjoy a promenade through the wetland, or gallop on the beach.     

Full-Day Excursion -  The Camargue deserves more time to explore than just one full day, but a day trip to the area offers many activities and beautiful views - wonderful for children of all ages.  Begin the day early to see the most bird activity, followed by a picnic on the beach or on a typical Manade - a bull and horse ranch. Take a horseback ride and enjoy beautiful views of the wetland up close or gallop on the beach.  A visit to the old town center of Saints Maries de la Mer - with its remarkable 12th c church and fascinating history is also a must.  

Cost - 175 Euros per person, minimum of 2 guests.  Includes pick up and drop off from your location - 30 km radius from Saint Remy de Provence, transportation to the above locations, reservations, and guided visits.

Contact me directly, here, to make a reservation, discuss tour logistics, transportation and meeting time.

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