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Les Pieds dans l’eau in Provence!

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Our favorite Summer cocktail was inspired by our clients, Stephen Colbert, his wife Evie, and their family. They spent two weeks in Saint Remy this August and they nicknamed the theme of their holiday ‘ Les Pieds dans L'eau,’ which is a French expression meaning - when you’ve got your feet in the water, your on vacation; and It’s also the name of a great local bar/restaurant in Saint Remy de Provence. We made a few dinners for the Colberts during their stay in Saint Remy and this summery cocktail was a big hit!

Le ‘PDLP’ cocktail

3/4 part rosé

1/8 part musk melon juice - from an extractor is best

1/8 part muscat wine

Ice cubes

Mint sprig


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