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Pintade ‘Guinea Fowl’ with creamy mushroom sauce and sautéed green beans

Starting with good quality poultry- Pintade is like all dark meat chicken, it's very tasty but not at all gamey, and easy to find in France. In the US you could substitute quail or chicken.

After letting the bird parts come to room temperature out of the fridge massage each piece with a light coat of sunflower oil, and coat them generously with dry herbs de Provence.

Heat a light coat of sunflower oil or other high heat non flavor oil in a Dutch oven on high. When it's almost smoking quickly add pieces of your bird skin aside down - allowing space apart. Brown them on 2 sides. Deglaze with 2 cups of white wine and add 3 cups vegetable stock or until the pieces are almost covered. Cook uncovered on a light simmer for 30 minutes - should not boil! Remove the pieces and set aside until serving. Meanwhile continue to cook the liquid on a rapid boil as to reduce that in half.

Make the wild mushroom cream recipe here on my blog and when ready to serve add a few ladles of the liquid from the Dutch oven to it and reheat - serve on top of your chicken.

This dish goes splendidly with sautéed green beans - a bit of garlic, slivered almonds, salt and pepper to finish to your taste.

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